Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Beautiful Buddhist Temples In Nepal

Nepal has a rich Buddhist culture and temples that have been nurtured over a long time, focusing on Kathmandu. Historically, Nepal enjoyed a close relationship with India and Tibet, and never only host many pilgrims using their company countries visiting Buddhist holy grounds in Kathmandu Valley, but there is also an active intercommunication of monks and individuals learning Buddhist art. Read more below about Buddhist monastery and Buddhist temples of nepal:

Namoduddha Monastery: Namo Buddha a very beautiful Buddhist monastery lies 38 km east of Kathmandu with 1,750 meters. Namo Buddha is among the most important pilgrim sites in the valley, designed for Tibetan Buddhists. In one of his previous lives like a prince, it was here the Buddha gave up his body from compassion for a starving tigress and her cubs. We have an amazing story concerned with the Buddha that is commemorated by an ancient stone slab along with a Stupa with the all-seeing eyes of Lord Buddha. This holy land is extremely relaxing and easy places. Namo Buddha temple was created by Thrangu Rinpoche as a representation from the three yanas or path, it's beautiful, elegant and full of symbolic meaning as befits this holy Buddhist pilgrimage place.

Lumbini Monastery: Lumbini, the homeland of Lord Buddha is one of the most widely used holiest pilgrimage places in the world. Lumbini is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's one of the four major Buddhist holy places commemorating the most important events in the Buddha’s life. Each reflects the initial interpretation of Buddhism of its home nation and together the monasteries produce a fascinating map of world Buddhist philosophy. Attractive a part of Lumbini is the temple of Maya Devi.

Swoyambhunath Monastery: Swayambhunath Monastery is really a legendary Buddhist shrine that sits on the hill top of the Kathmandu valley. It's regarded as one of the oldest Monastery on the planet. The word Swayambhunath means “the self-existent” in English. It's an important pilgrimage place for many Buddhists and Hindus all over the world.

Kopan Monastery: Kopan the Tibetan Buddhist monastery situated in the hillock behind the Bouddhanath Stupa. Found at the top of Kopan Hill, the Kopan Monastery, and Tibetan Buddhist home with more than 300 monks. Dominated by an impressive Bodhi tree, it was once the home of the astrologer towards the king of Nepal. The Kopan Monastery also provides panoramic view of the town of Boudha below and also the spectacular Himalayan mountain range. A lot more than hundreds of visitors come to click here yearly from around the world.So have cultural tour to nepal to see these monastery destinations and temples of nepal.

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